Tangerine Mobile for Early Grade Reading and Math Assessment (EGRA / EGMA)

RTI has released Tangerine™, a mobile software application designed specifically for recording student responses during oral Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and Early Grade Mathematics Assessment (EGMA). Test results captured on mobile devices in real-time are then synchronized automatically over WiFi or mobile phone networks with a remote cloud database for analysis.

Tangerine has been optimized for use on Android tablets, but because we use an open source, web-browser focused approach, Tangerine works on everything from laptops to eReaders and iPhones. Technologies such as HTML5 and CouchDB mean that Internet access is not required, but that data can be synchronized automatically with remote cloud databases over a variety of connectivity options including WiFi and mobile phone networks. Tangerine will keep getting better as these community-developed technologies continue to evolve to support new devices and add new features.

Tangerine uses Unicode, so it is compatible with more than 650 languages and writing scripts (including Arabic, Chinese, and many others).

Tangerine is easy to use in the field, and makes it easy for test designers to create new assessments and update existing ones. Users can add sub-tests, translate instructions, and view results without needing to hire programmers. These changes are made using a web application that provides a familiar word-processor-like interface.

See more information about Tangerine in the Projects and Tools sections of this website, and visit the TangerineCentral website.