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For more than two decades, RTI International has helped developing countries use information and communication technology (ICT) to achieve development results. International standards, opensource software, and mobile phone technologies have become powerful tools in a global movement toward national frameworks, interoperable components, low-cost systems, local ownership, and increasing local capacity. RTI’s experienced multidisciplinary team helps local partners to develop their own innovative ICT solutions to challenges in health, education, governance, economic growth, agriculture, and the environment.

Our broad international experience and attention to local context helps our partners develop demand-driven, cost-effective, sustainable, and scaleable solutions within existing national frameworks. RTI’s experience with public-private partnerships (PPPs) can help countries to leverage multiple resources. Our sound approach to monitoring and evaluating results provides critical information in measuring and communicating project results and impact.


  • Strengthening local capacity and ownership
  • Developing ICT strategy and policy
  • Providing useful information to decision makers
  • Increasing transparency and accountability
  • Improving teaching and learning
  • Sharing information and managing knowledge
  • Catalyzing public-private partnerships
  • Monitoring, evaluating, and communicating performance

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